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a strange boot problem with 10.4.6

Alan Shen

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I have just installed 10.4.6 on my old PC( intel p4 1.5G sse2/i845/sis 305/640M)

I installed it by vmware and after ages it ordered me to restart.

however, when I restarted it and it screens a bit of loading……blabla,and trapped in

a screen which begins with"

hi mem tramps at 0xffe00000

PAE enabled

standard timeslicing……


mig_ table_max_dipl=71

cpu identification: P4 1.5

cpu features:


cpu extended features:

enabling xhm registar save/restore and sse/sse2 opcodes

>rtclock? frequency

acpi ca 20051117

appleacpicpu: processorApicId=0 localapicid =0 enabled

copy right



using 1474 buffer headers and 1474 cluster io buffer headers


and a cursor



then nothing happened


can somebody tell me what it happened and how should I do?



I have tried -s -x -v and platform=x86pc and "graphic mode"="1024X768X16",however still not work.


what is the problem,is my computer is too aged?:)



I can start it in vmware with -s mode.

I think maybe my video card(SIS 305) is too old to support APPLE:(

is that right and any way to go through it ?


btw, I install xp on the master ide0 hardware and MacOS in another hardware on the second master ide1


thanks, I will wait online for the answer and hope I can go through it to see a bited apple on the screen.




thanks all:)

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