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iAtkos L2 boot problem - Toshiba S9349


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Hi, I managed to install S3 - and everything is OK, i can even run the GraphicsEnabler=Yes (NVIDIA GeForce 8700GTM), Sound, Network.


After installing Lion (iAtkos L2) I get a gray screen at boot and the computer restarts immediately. Running the Bootloader (Chamelion) with -v -x, does not help.

Tried installing the graphicsEnabler, NVEnabler, and without both... same thing happens.. Tried injecting arch=i386. When having the default enabler there is an EFI string warning, and when trying with GraphicsEnabler=Yes the warning is no more. But in both cases the computer restarts ... any suggestions ? I've been tearing my hair out on this problem... :wallbash:

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