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Toshiba Satellite L755-S5214, can't get wifi working. DSDT?

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Hi All, I’m in desperate need of a kext or DSDT for my Toshiba Satellite hackintosh. I am dual booting Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.7 and Windows 7. On the hackintosh, I have it all working except a few things. To be specific my laptop is the Satellite L755-S5214. I can get internet through the Ethernet, but not through my WIFI adapter. Also, I can’t get sound, or the graphics card to work. I used ###### and installed the kexts, but still a no go on those particular things. Is there somewhere online where I could go when I’m on the hackintosh, plugged in to the Ethernet cable and have it recognize my hardware and find the right drivers/kext for them to work? Or do I have to do it through a customer DSDT? Can anyone help me here!?!? Also, one other issue, I can boot only with the ###### disk. If I take it out, I get stuck at the white apple screen. Thanks in advance for any help!!


All of what I know about my system:

Toshiba Satellite L755-S5214

Intel i3-2310M

4 GB DDR3 Ram

Intel Graphics card 3000

Realtek RTL8188CE Lan Wireless Card

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Realtek RTL8188CE Lan Wireless Card drivers for Mac OS X 10.4 through to 10.6 are available here:




Should fix your problem with not having any wifi - :)




from Troy :)


For the booting your system without the distro dvd being in your dvd drive, you will need to install a bootloader to get it to boot on its own - chameleon, pcefi, or something similar - i use empire efi - google it cause i won't post the link for it here (it works a treat though on my toshiba P100 notebook)


As for the graphics card to work - i dont know what graphics card is in that particular toshiba model (which is more recent then mine) - I use nvinjectgo (again google it) for my graphics card (mobile nvidia 7900)


You're one up on me in the onboard networking department as i still cant get mine to work (it KP's on me every time. )


Here is the driver for your wifi card - drivers on the page are for 10.4 - 10.6 - just download the corresponding one :)




As for your video card not working - you say that you have an Intel GMAX 3000 on board graphics card in your notebook - there aren't any drivers for the 3000 series but there are for the 3100 series. You could try modifying those kext files in /System/Library/Extensions with something like plist editor - putting in the correct io addresses for your card.

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