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Acer Aspire 7741Z-4643 Can't update to 10.6.8


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I have been having trouble with this pc from the start. At first i couldn't even get the laptop to install osx, but then i found snowleo.iso and installed with toh -v -f and it installed. The only problem was that It has no internet, and graphics are pretty bad. I decided to update, the problem is that no matter what i do i get a kernal panic at the end of the installation when it says "moving files". I have tried using the 10.6.8 update helper, but it also failed and i got a kernal panic. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and knows a way to fix it.


edit: here is pc with specs



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ok now you need to downgrade again to old version OS.X

and again delete this 2 kext,Sleep enabler and AppleHDA,install update form dmg.10.6.8 Combo,DONT REBOOT

after installer 10.6.8 finish,you need to install Fake SMC.kext and Null CPU Power Management kext. Now reboot

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