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Cider Memory Allocation Settings


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I would have posted this in Mac Gaming, but I'm still trying to pass round two. :)


I'm running Oblivion successfully on Cider 2097. Any non-OBSE based mods seem to be working fine. However I'm reaching a mod limit of 65. That barely covers the main mods like UL, BC, Unofficial Patches, HF, and NE.


I've noticed that the mods don't have to be the Plugins.txt. If there are more than 65 esp's in the data directory, the Oblivion crashes on startup.


I know Cider can handle more. It's doing a bang-up job with 65 with no apparent performance issues. It only takes a few seconds to load 65 mods. I was wondering if this is a memory allocation setting that needs to be tweaked in the Cider config? Anybody have an idea?

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