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Leon Hong

[HALF SOLVED]NV9650mGT: Please help me with getting the correct display-cfg for Mountain Lion?

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The NV9650mGT graphic card on my notebook Asus L50Vn worked really good through 10.6 to 10.7 using chameleon+dsdt to get full QE/CI in the past 2 years. However, after the successful installation of ML it gives me a black LVDS screen while the VGA output being as normal as usual on the external monitor. I had tried many ways to make it work but all of them failed including EFI injection, natit, replacement with older drivers, Chameleon GraphicEnabler, and dsdt modifications. I also tried various combinations of these procedures but nothing changed. I had read the posts in our nVidia section about the display-cfg, NVCAP and NVMT injections and tried lots of possible values in the dsdt to make the LVDS work, still in vain. :-(


I also found many successful  cases reporting easy support of the ML nVidia cards with simply enabling the Chameleon GraphicEnabler=YES. Now I am very sure that the black LVDS is a display-cfg problem. If you ML winners can post your display-cfg examples for me or give me any suggestion about modifying the NV9650mGT display-cfg, I will appreciate that. Please help me with the NV9650mGT display-cfg and many, many thanks!!




Best regards



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Solved. Not the problem of NV9650mGT, but the LVDS. Seemed ACPIBacklight matters in ML more than ever, so the errors of unsupported LVDS stopped the system from using it. This is terrible to me because less info can be found about how to make the LVDS supported. Suggestions are welcomed and appreciated!!

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After further tweaking, I found nothing wrong EXCEPT the problematic NVDA,Display-A@0 driver sections. Now I can confirm it a driver problem, not dsdt nor any of my parts. Why? Because after I changed LVDS to NVDA,Display-B@1 in dsdt, everything goes again except the VGA output on NVDA,Display-A@0. About this Mac even reports my LVDS as an internal device, and the backlight adjustment comes back too.


I cannot see what's wrong with the new driver. Is there anybody same with my condition?



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