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Os x will boot in vmware not native!


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Ive managed to install os x using vmware and it seems to work if a bit slow and stutery. When i try and boot up from it i get a kernal error the bottom lines reads as:


Dawin Kernal Version 8.4.1 (date);root:xnv-792.7.90.obj~1/Release_I386


Any help would be great, ive spend about 12 hours today geting to this stage plus another 12 over other days realy want to get this done!


my spec is:


asrock 775 dual vsta

2gig of ram

300 gig hdd (with os x)

250 gig hdd for data

160 gig hdd for windows


thanks in advance

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Ok thanks well after many restarts ive managed to jot down this:


0X107FF: 0X1978F9 (0X559000 0X2000000F 0X90900010 0X30000 0X300007FF) Backtrace terminated-invalid frame pointer 0x0


Backtrace, format-frame return:return address (4 potential args on stack)


Is that what i need?


Ive just gone through hell geting my pc to my new place (overseas) and wish i just had sold it and bought one of these new core duo imacs rahhh :)

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