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Keyboard's sound... How to stop it ?


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Hello, I have a problem with Snow Leopard (10.6.8), running on my Dell Vostro 1720, especially the keyboard.

Indeed, Os X doesn't recognize the integrated keyboard of my PC as known : sometimes, it suggests me to type on the key just on the right of "shift" (<>), but when I do it, nothing happens...

So, the keyboard works perfectly, (thanks to a keyboard layout made on ukulele), but, every time I type on a key, a strong "bip" occurs, whatever if the sound is disabled or not. It's absolutely unsupportable fail.gif

I rummaged in the preference panel, but I cannot stop it frown.png (It's not a system sound, I've already tried to shut them). So I put a naked cable jack in the port ta have peace, but it's not a long-term solution fail.gif


If anyone have a solution, I would be very very gratefull !!!


Thanks, and sorry for my poor english wink.png

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