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Install Problems


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I'm trying to dual boot with Windows XP Pro and Mac OS X.


The Install went fine, only they keyboard would not work.

When I try to boot Mac OS X it does a Kernel Panic and I have to reboot.


My Computer:


Packard Bell IMedia 1508/2, running Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 OEM.

Pentium 4 519 (3.06ghz) [MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 EM64T]

1024MB DDR2 533 Ram

nVidia GeForce 6200SE\TC (256MB)

Sunshine DDR2 (GA-8I915PMD) Ver 0.1 motherboard

HLDS GWA-4164B DVD R9 Writable Dual Layer Drive

HDD Seagate Alpine Puma S-ATA (ST3160023AS) [160GB]

Unkown sound card, uses Realtek High Definition Audio drivers.

Unknown ethernet controller (Made by RealTek)

Intel 915P ChipSet


Keyboard: (Taken from label on the back)


Model: TKB020

S/N: CCKB53622309

P/N: 6944610001


Advent Wireless USB Mini Laser Mouse

Mac OS X ISO USED: Mac OS X 10.4.6 x86 Install DVD (JaS) | [From TorrentSpy]

Boot Loader: Acronis Disk Director Suite 10 [Acronis OS Selector]


How I installed:


First after I selected the language I opened the Disk Util.

Not knowing how to use it I ended up deleting all my partitions :|


Next time I made 3 partitions, and set one to use Mac OS X Extended (Journaled), and left the others empty

Then I selected the Mac OS X partition to install on.

After that I used the Customize button and used the Intel SSE3 Patch. (There was another one, something about intel decryption or something, I did not select that.)

Install went fine and rebooted (would not reboot by it's self had to turn power off)


Then I reinstalled Windows and Acronis OS Selector.

When starting I see a screen with a apple on it, and I pile of lines, mostly with memory locations and such, but I did notice something about Double Kernel Fault. (Can't take a picture don't have camera)

It keeps printing this over and over until it reboots by it's self.



So what could be wrong with this, It installed great, with exception of no keyboard.

I would very much like to get this working, as I've always wanted to try Mac OS X.


-The Chicken Man

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Right I started it up with the '-v' boot option.

Here is a overview of what I got:


Creating RAM drive for <Location>

Warning: 256 sectors in last cylinder unallocated


Next I got 'Starting crash reporter'

then I saw some errors with 'lookupd' and 'confd' I think they are to do with the network configuration.

After that the Mac OS X setup started :| .


Also I tried the System Information Util in the setup.

It showed my processor but I did not see SSE3, only SSE and SSE2 ;)

The Cpuz program said I had SSE3, but the Mac sys info tool does not show SSE3...


So should I try it with the SSE2 patch not the SSE3 one ?

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Ok it's working, no more Kernel Panic !!!

It also looks like I have sound, is that normal ?? I thought most people have problems with the sound.


Anyways, I cannot get past the 'welcome' bit, because no keyboard, So I now got to find out what to do.


I could buy a USB keyboard... (I have PS2 at the moment)

but I want to save my money, so is there a way I can fix this without using the keyboard ?

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