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Strange power / battery logo on boot


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Hey guys!


I've built hackintoshes before so I've a decent idea what I'm doing but I've not seen this and can't find a reference to it anywhere...


When I insert the iAtkos lion (both L1 & L2) DVD's ready to install it loads to this instead of the installer (it just sits cycling between the 2)







System is an IBM lenovo z370, core i3-2330M / intel graphics / ahci sata...


It looks like something to do with power / battery? Or maybe hard disk?

I checked and the battery was fully charged when trying to install (also booted the installer up without the battery in and got the same result)


Can anyone advise me what I'm missing?




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I am having the same issue but don't have access to a USB keyboard. I'm using this guide to install Lion on my Thinkpad x220, and my mouse is working after adding AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext and ApplePS2Controller.kext to the Extra folder. Do I need an additional kext to get the keyboard working? I'm booting the installer with Chameleon.

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