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successful installation with problems on hp laptop :(


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hi all,

after 2 months of research and hard work :) i finally was able to install and dual boot mac os x (hazard 10.6.6i) and windows 7 ultimate :)

i have installed win 7 in 1st partition and hazards leo on 2nd partition.i gave the boot flags -v cpus=1 busratio=17 to started the installation..

in the installation log i can see that the disk is unbootable i m not sure y ..but the installation goes fine. i m unable to boot :( it gives an error restart your computer.i don t have an option to change to ahci mode in bios so i guess its causing the problem..

i installed mac drive in windows and copied the .aml file i created to /extra folder and downloaded the ati mobility 5470 kexts from osx86 dot net over wrote the kexts to /extensions folder edited the com.apple.boot.plist to make ati gfx work ..i m able to boot with nawcom mod cd...

list of things that work and doesn t work :)

graphics works great at 1024*768*32 resolution with transperency it detects as ati hd radeon 4980 :)

bluetooth works

ethernet not sure coz i don t use it

wifi doesn t work :( i have ralink rt 3090 bt+wifi adapter

sound doesn t work i m not sure where to find kexts for sound i have realtek alc 270

it recognizes on 2 gb ram :( i have 4gb i hope some one can get a solution for that ..

my question: is there a way to boot without inserting nawcom's bootcd to boot into mac os x?or am i going wrong in the installation process coz i don t see a way to format on mbr partition

how do i use the created aml file i mean how to make os x recognize it to make most of the system parts works i guess that is y we create aml file :)

any help would be appreciated thanks

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