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how to install? acer aspire ax3400-e3202, athlon2 x2 220, 3gb ddr-3


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im curious on where to start trying to get osx (preferably lion, but will settle for snow leo if i have to) installed on this system,

what im lookin to do is have OSX, Kubuntu, and WIN7 installed as a triple boot system,

i can figure out the triple boot stuff myself, but ive no clue where to start to install osx with this setup

any help will be awesome, and ill thank you in advance

please email me for best response, or pm will suffice

thanks again


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wow eh,

now 30+ views and still not one comment... reallly people...

like i see replies and comments on all these other topics, but not one here,

atleast if its not possible i could be told, if its not easy ill work on it, but with no knowledge where is one to start ?

i thought thats what these forums were for helping others and sharing knowledge ;)

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