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Can't boot into OSX86 after install


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Hi there everyone, any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


I installed the OSX86 on my Dell Inspiron 5100 but when I tried to boot, it would not get past the grey apple logo screen. So I loaded it using -v to see what it was stuck at. It showed "Still looking for root device" quite a few times and it would not go past it. What could I do to make it work?


Computer Information:

Processor type	Intel Pentium 4
Processor speed	2800 MHz
Level 2 cache	512 kB
Frontside bus speed	533 MHz
Power-saving technology	none

Chipset	Intel 845PE

RAM installed	512 MB
Number of memory slots	2
RAM capacity	1024 MB

Hard disk model	IBM Travelstar 40GNX
Hard disk capacity	40 GB
Hard disk rotation speed	5400 rpm
Hard disk interface	Ultra-ATA/100
Hard disk controller	Ultra-ATA/100

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During the installation, right before clicking the Install button, you must click the Customize button and install packages for your computer. Click the little arrow to the left of the patches category to reveal the individual packages. Select Intel packages, not AMD. Select SSE2 or SSE3, not both, depending upon the capability of your processor.

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