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iphone 4 wifi problem

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hye everybody

wifi signal in my iphone is very low, i dont know how to know if its a software or hardware problem

i have ios 5.0.1 newly installed in it, with bb 03.10.01

if someone can help me, thanks

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i ve done it before,and as i said, system is newly restored, a clean installation,

just how to know if its hard or soft problem??

thanks for reply

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I suggest you try taking off the back panel of your iPhone 4 (either going to need a 00mm philips screw driver or that special pentalobular screw driver) and take a look at the iPhone antennae. I had this issue when I upgraded to iOS 5 (back in the GM days) and it turned out that my whole antennae had gotten damanged (must have been due to the fact that I've taken my iPhone apart on numerous occaions) but I just plucked a wifi antennae out of a broken iPhone, plugged it into mine, and then turned on my iPhone and it worked perfectly again.


This of course is if yours is truly a hardware fault like it was in my case


The antennae looks like this when you open the back of your iPhone


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