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Patch for the DX58SO with the DSDT extracted using the DSDTeditor


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I have successfully patched, no errors my motherboard's DSDT, but no matter what mode I use to boot I got KPs!


As I downloaded the patch from Orarila, and applied it to my extracted DSDT(under Win 7), I would like to know if there are any guidelines about what to do in that case, or get another patch for the Intel Extreme Series DX58SO.


There is an HCL with someone with my same configuration, motherboard and memory modules, and processor, that was successful but I am trying for a long time and need to get it working. My configuration is with the i7 950, and 6Gb Kingston Hyper Tri-Channel RAM, I use an XFX HD6870 1Gb DDR5, aside from that I have two 2Tb Samsung HD2040UI hard disks, one partitioned as GUID, with Mac OS X 10.7 in a 500Gb partition, another HFS+ partition of 1.1Tb, and the rest formatted as FAT32. The other has Win 7 x86 Ultimate, and several NTFS partitions.

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