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Still found no root device!


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I've looked to many topics, but I did not found my problem, so I decided to post it, here it is:


I use Jac 10.4.7, but if I want to start the setup I get an error called "Still found no root device",

but there is no Problem with my devices in windows or the Bios or so. so I do not understand,

where the problem is !


About my running system:

2,66 P4, 512MB + 256MB Ram, Geforce Mx 440,2x 80Gb Harddrive, 2x DVR-05 (Pioneer) and that all

works on an MS-6701 designed by MSI.


Maybe the chip for the root device support is not supported for Mac Os x (it is an Sis 963), if that is the reason, I would like to ask weather I should buy an PCI root device controller, or if I should buy an new

mainboard (and which one is easy to configure with Mac OS x)!


I hope you can help me !

Snoopy 1990



(I sorry for my english, but I'm no native speaker)

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You must have your cd/dvd rom drive on the same IDE your HD is.


just this !! awesome... I'll try to install again and post here the result...


my system is completely different than the snoopy's and have the same error...




Snoopy, I've seen that you have a geforce, what patch did you use to make it full featured ? I've installed this same image on another pc (p4b + p4 + geforcemx400) at my work, and neither the geforce was recognized nor the ethernet pci card...

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