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NVIDIA GT540M help


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Does anyone know how to make thesystem FIND the NVIDIA card (double GPU OPTIMUS, intel HD3000/NVidia gt540m) ?


I'm trying to make the system work with the nvidia gpu instead of the intel. It has 1gb vram after all and I see the system a litle slow with the intel Hd300 (1366x768)


It seems the problem is that it can't read the PCI bus right.


Under SL (iatkos s3 or maibe [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] method) the system could see the card,

in the specs it appeared under graphics/monitor as an NVIDIA "monitor" along with the intel gpu, but now in LION (L1/L2) it does not.


and in the PCI specs no card is detected at all.


I'm currently running iAtkos L2, but same thing happened with iAtkos L1, and 10.7.2 combo update applied.


I've made several attempts modifing the nvidia kexts with the device id of my card and erasing all other graphic kexts, but the system starts up just with vga mode and no nvidia kext loaded.


also installed latest nvidia drivers from tonymac..


Any hints apreciated

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Hello if you didn't have fixed your problem, here goes a hint, first fix your intel card, its easy, and use the tonymac chameleon bootloader version 1.7.0 it's name is chimera, and see if your system boot up correctly with the intel card with native resolution and full qe/ci and when you have this working on, wh can start talking about nvidia.

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Ok sorry, I'm not explaining myself correctly..


My intel HD3000 works fine with native 1366x768 full QE/CI.


For now I'm trying to get the nvidia card detected at least, Ioregistry doesn't have a clue of it :|


Any suggestions?



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Ok reinstalled Chimera 1.7 and (after a many attempts..) I saw NVIDIA card detected in the system specs, as a monitor.


But now it doesn't anymore.


I was forced to boot with the cpus=1 flag on boot and also -f


then I just added the cpus flag to the bootloader and it starts fine but doesn't detect the card anymore. :hammer:



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