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AC 97 driver issue


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ok heres my problem



I have a "Gateway 3600 PC

1.60 GHz, 768MB ram, 40g and 200g HD

Intel D845PT Main board

Intel Soundmax sound (8086:2445)

Intel VE Network (Works)

Matrox G450 32MB ( CI=software,QE=supported)

Debian OS X 1.6 (10.5.8 installed)


I have an issue with the AC97 driver. I get sound out put on it no problem. And I know input is supposed to be a no go from what ive read on here. But i can see that the input status is showing whats coming in but i just don't have no sound. I have selected the right ins and out in Audio midi config app.Is there something i can edit that i may have forgotten? info.plist in the kext file? it has the Dev and PCI codes correct. just cant hear the input but i can see its coming in.


I've Tried Sound Flower to see if it would link them but its a no go as well.


i have access to plenty of "used" hardware so if anyone knows of a working PCI soundcards with working inputs please let me know.


if anyone has a hint, let me know. but i'm not gonna just buy a usb device just to have input. (I do have an Mbox 2 being used on my mac mini aluminum) And even though this computer may be a 2001 machine, it runs leopard pretty well overall.

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