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Performance Issues, GTS560 TI Lion 10.7.2


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Hey all.

Its been awhile. After an unplanned (oops, I broke it) motherboard change recently, I decided to give OSX a go again.


Did a few hours of googling, found an install method (Lionize Sabertooth x58). Got the system up and running.


Even have support for full resolution, and both monitors.


However, I've found that my performance in 3d applications is severly lacking. Specifically, in WoW, I've gone down 40% - 80% in framerates (90fps + in Stormwind with vsynch off in windows to 40ish at best in OSX)


Is this sort of perofrmance hit just something I should learn to live with? It makes WoW unplayable in raids.


Things Iv'e done thus far:


Installed latest CUDA

Removed the applepower management kext for video.

used one of the guides I found on the forums to get full resolution/etc installed (Added my own hardware id, removed a line from boot.plist)




Asus Sabertooth x58

Lion 10.7.2

12 Gig 1600mhz Corsair Ram

I-7 920 (2.6ghz) overclocked to 3.8 ghz (Corsair H80 self-contained liquid cooling)

Nvidia GTS560TI (overclocked edition) running 2 23" LED (1920x1080)

Wacom Intuos4 Small (works!)

SB WoW Wireless headset (works!)

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I realized, after some further testing, that it wasnt just my GPU that was underperforming. My CPU was scoring about 1/2 of what it should.


A few searches later, and I found that my boot.plist file was missing the following







put that in, rebooted. Cinebench scores are now DOUBLE what they were!

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