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SATA Hard Drive not recognized during install

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Hi, i'm trying to install Snow Leo RETAIL with nawcom CD, but i have the problem that during install wizard, my SATa hard drive is not recognized :/


My Mobo (MSI 7387) doesn't have an AHCI boot mode, it only has RAID/IDE Mode, and guess what, when i change from IDE to RAID, the same problem, just that i don't have a RAID0 Drive, and my Windows install doesn't shows up. Is there some way to create a RAID0 drive just with 1 hard drive? and if i can do that, my disk will appear in install wizard?


Else, i've read a post, saying that a P4M900M7 (mine is P4M900M3, but stil using same northbridge chipset) have succesfully installed Snow Leo using RAID mode, i think he used a RAID0 drive, but i don't have enough disk for that


Another post said the same, but he used a Case for his disk, i think that disk used a RAID system for including 4 disk in one, anyway, i don't have one of these.


So, as i see my problem, i have 2 solutions, use another disk and create RAID0, or find out about creating a RAID0 drive with one disk. Else.. i could find a case at a cheap price...


Or, my third solution is to find a kext that could manage my IDE mode, but as i can't install, and i can't acces to ANY Mac systemns to create a USB kext pack, i think i have to keep buying and burning CDs.


Any tips? i think this need a solution, and not an easy one, challange accepted?


Cheers - kawatzaki

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    • By kawatzaki
      Hola a todos!, tengo un Disco duro SATA de 160GB que noi esta siendo detectado en mi instalacion... he usado el RETAIL con el ModBoot CD de Nawcom (ultima version en la pagina oficial) y tambien iAtkos S3 V2, y ninguno muestra mi disco duro al llegar al instalador.. no se que hacer, ya intente todo, poner el Bios (Seccion de MODO RAID) en RAID, y no lo detecta (curiosamente, si inicio windows en este modo este se traba por completo en el inicio)
      He puesto el Disco duro como primer disco de inicio en el BIOS, mi Lectora IDE en Primer Esclavo.. pero nada funciona :/
      Me pongo en sus manos
      Un salduo! - kawatzaki