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SATA Hard Drive not recognized during install


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Hi, i'm trying to install Snow Leo RETAIL with nawcom CD, but i have the problem that during install wizard, my SATa hard drive is not recognized :/


My Mobo (MSI 7387) doesn't have an AHCI boot mode, it only has RAID/IDE Mode, and guess what, when i change from IDE to RAID, the same problem, just that i don't have a RAID0 Drive, and my Windows install doesn't shows up. Is there some way to create a RAID0 drive just with 1 hard drive? and if i can do that, my disk will appear in install wizard?


Else, i've read a post, saying that a P4M900M7 (mine is P4M900M3, but stil using same northbridge chipset) have succesfully installed Snow Leo using RAID mode, i think he used a RAID0 drive, but i don't have enough disk for that


Another post said the same, but he used a Case for his disk, i think that disk used a RAID system for including 4 disk in one, anyway, i don't have one of these.


So, as i see my problem, i have 2 solutions, use another disk and create RAID0, or find out about creating a RAID0 drive with one disk. Else.. i could find a case at a cheap price...


Or, my third solution is to find a kext that could manage my IDE mode, but as i can't install, and i can't acces to ANY Mac systemns to create a USB kext pack, i think i have to keep buying and burning CDs.


Any tips? i think this need a solution, and not an easy one, challange accepted?


Cheers - kawatzaki

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