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Hi all , its my first post here.


I have buy new pc and i can't find to install properly mac os x


i was try with leopard but the problem is i can't install it because i have nvidia palit 560 2gb , its working only on lion right ?


Other problem is i have the new processor from amd FX-8150 and still i can't find working kernel on lion



i have already installed leopard but can't install video kexts and get it working , thats the problem i need lion and someone know there is available kernel for amd+lion ?


all my spec is


motherboard - GB990FX-UD7

video - Palit 560 2GB

ram - corsair vengeance 2x4GB 1600mhz

processor - FX-8150 3.6GHz

PSU - 750W max power 950W

hard drive - SSD corsair force 3 90GB


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I have intalled leopard iatkos version,leohazard verson with no problem , but in all hakintosh website ppl say nvidia 5xx series working only with lion... thats the problem i need lion :)


video card dosent work on leopard , processor dosent work on lion, im soo sad :/

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