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Apple fails to keep "trade secrets" from public in Psystar case


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As the dust settles on the legal battle between Apple and unauthorised Mac clone-maker Psystar, Judge Alsup ruled against Apple being able to keep "trade secrets" from the public eye, arguing that were already available on the Internet and in print.


According to court documents, Apple was seeking to seal documents used in the case that detailed information about Mac OS X, Apple hardware that runs it and their protection measures, thermal management techniques and system integrity checks. However, given that the web is rife with this information on sites such as InsanelyMac, the judge ruled that "Apple cannot have this court seal information merely to avoid confirmation that the publicly available sources (have) got it right."


The legal battle started in 2008, with the pair eventually settling out of court for a payment of $2.67M due from Psystar to Apple in 2009. Psystar's website and store shut down the following year in 2010.


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