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Realtek NIC problem

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I installed 10.6.3 on a Biostar A780L mobo. Everything went fine but I'm having problems getting the network card working. The chipset is Realtek 8102EL, which MS Windows 7 reports the drivers as being RealTek PCIe FE Family Controller.


I updated RealTekRTL81xx.kext from the ModCD. I gave it PNP Id 813610ec, which was already in the listing in the xml file. The strange thing was that some instructions here mentioned to look for IOPCIMatch, but all I could find was IOPCIPrimaryMatch. Like I said, the PNP id was already there, but it was last in the list, so I put it first.


I copied the .kext file to Extra/Extensions and rebooted, but still no network.


IONetworkingFamily.kext is also in the Extra/Extensions folder. Would that cause a conflict? Would it be safe to remove it?


This driver set could possibly have issues. I know that one day recently Windows 7 did an update and the NIC stopped working until I installed some older drivers. It kept wanting to update the drivers for a while until a couple of weeks ago when it decided the old ones were the best.



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