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New to Hackintosh? Thoughts on these components


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I'm new to building a hackintosh and I've spend hours cross referencing components. I put this list together and want to get some thoughts on it. I plan on running snow leopard with these parts. My plan is to hopefully fit these into and old "blue" Dell XPS" tower utilizing the power supply, HD, and DVD drive until I have the chance to upgrade.


The video card seem to be pretty compatible I've found that in the wiki. The memory I think will work fine, it seem that other people like Gskill.


The processor matches the mother board so I don't think that's a problem.


A big question is the Motherboard. I found the "pro" version of this mother board in the wiki, not sure if the "LE" version makes a huge difference or not. Any thoughts on this.


I would love any thoughts or suggestions.















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Update: I save a little money switching out to this motherboard and video card. It seem the Gigabyte motherboards are more compatable and the only difference in video cars in brand and one doesn't have mini display ports.





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