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[Motherboard] Zotac Z68 - WiFi

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I want to buil a new mackintosh with this motherboard, but I'm not sure if it will work well. I don't need the WiFi of the motherboard, I can buy other.

It has got the Z68 Intel chipset, with the LGA 1155 shocket. I think I will buy a Intel Core i7 processor (like iMac 2011 processor) and an ATI graphic card like Mac Pro's card.


The Zotac Z68 WiFi will run Lion 10.7.2? if you don't think so, what motherboard can I buy? I need a Mini-ITX board, without an integrated processor or graphic card, and at least one x1 (or x2) PCIe x16 (minimum) slot. And it should has an LGA 1155 shocket too.


Thank you

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