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[Q] Dualbooting OSX 10.7.3 on Acer 5740g with Chameleon?


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Hello all, this is going to come off as the "general how-to noob question" and I apologize for that. I've read through the installation guides, the wiki, done some searching here and on youtube, but I'm getting pretty overwhelmed and confused with it all, especially when the how-to is done on OSX.


I have the following:

An Acer 5740g i5 + Radeon 1GB 5650

500GB Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid HDD (NTSF), unpartitioned with only Windows 7 Professional on it.

OSX 10.7.3 ISO



I'm wondering how to partition a space for OSX as well as installing Chameleon. Edit: Unless in my situation there's a better bootloader? I just enjoy how pretty and graphical Chameleon is for a bootloader.


Also I saw in one of the topics it said: "Make a directory in your root HD, name : Mac OS X Install DATA, and put InstallESD.dmg in this folder." By root directory they aren't talking about C: are they? If not, how do I gain access to the root before C:?


I appreciate any help given in order for me to get OSX Lion on my 5740g.

Thank you!


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I installed lion on my 5740g with i3 and ati 5470 just three days ago. using iatkos l2 i hadn't any trouble during installation: installed lion on a external hard disk and then copied in to new internal partition. this partition was created reducing primary hard disk space with windows 7 tools. I used this method because 1 year ago i installed snow leopard with original cd that didn't allow me to install in a non guid partitioned hard disk. Using iatkos l2 i think you'll be able to install in a mbr partioned disk (i didn't try), so you won't have to format your primary hard disk.

When you create this partition windows 7 will tell you how much the primary HDD is gonna be reduced, if the space is too small you have to work with defragmentation tools (i used mydefrag) and you must deactivate all windows' services that could leave irremovable files on HDD. I was able to pass from 15 gb max to 100 gb of reducing chance.


About dualbooting, after you copied lion on internal partition (if you didn't try to install directly on internal) you won't able to boot, infact the screen will show you only the lighting cursor. You have only to enter in the acer recovery partition, once everything is loaded and the screen show recovery menu, you can exit and reboot your system. The next boot will be fine, showing you chameleon.


This i wrote is only my experience and i think it's kind a mess because a lot of things can be done easily, for example i don't know the exact cause of screen showing nothing after i copied lion in internal hard disk. obviously is something related to mbr files and can be fixed in a more elegant way but i had bigger problems to think about like graphics, sound, trackpad, ethernet ecc ecc so i always used theese solutions to my problems.

Download and try iatkos l2 avoiding complicated installation procedures. You insert the cd and the only thing you'll have to do is to format hard drives and choose correct kext and drivers for your pc.



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Thank you very much for your reply! I'm downloading iatkos l2 right now. What program did you use to make the partition? Do I need to make the partition in any particular way? Or I should be able to install iatkos l2 to this partition regularly?

Is Chamaleon included with iatkos?

And all I need to do is enter acer recovery and then exit? And from now on it will automatically show chameleon every time it boots up?


EDIT: I can't seem to figure out how to install iatkos. I'm not quite sure what I should be using to partition the harddrive, but I've used EaseUS, created an empty partition of 64GB (however this partition appears to be at the very end of my HDD, aren't I supposed to do something with the MBR?), then insert the iatkos CD and it run off the CD and do it's 5-10 minute loading at the apple screen. Finally when it got to the background with the lion a message comes up saying "There was a problem reading the Mac OS X installation disc." However I was able to just click OK and go up to utilites and play around with the disk manager. I erased my 64GB empty partition to be formatted as Mac OSX Journaled. However I still can't figure out how to install it, could it be the program I used to burn the CD didn't properly write and skipped the installation step? I've used powerISO, is there something better to use?


ANOTHER EDIT: Just burnt a new CD using transmac, got past the error and I'm at the iatkos terms of service. Lets see how it goes...


...got it installed and running! Posting from it right now. However my keyboard and trackpad don't work, using externals. I need to get the kexts for everything, including sound and video.


FINAL EDIT: Ok I've got a few things working now.


Battery Indicator Fully works (customize iAtkos setup with battery kext)

Sound + Mic works (this kext makes the mic actually work) http://www.osx86.net...do=file&id=1777

Keyboard and trackpad works http://www.osx86.net...do=file&id=1448

Wifi worked immediately after install

Sleep does not work

Radeon 5650m works! http://www.osx86.net...&id=1502&page=2

HDMI works without 5650 driver, with driver I get a black screen, and TV shows default OSX Lion background ONLY.

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