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UltraNav VoodoControler / ApplePS2 Sleep Aid


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Hey u all,


i have got a problem with my TinkPad x121e Core i3. I installed Lion using my desktop hackintosh on MBR drive. GUI was not possible cause the Thinkpad uses uefi.


I got nearly everything to work. Internal display ... Sleep ... BAttery .... SpeedStep using DSDT patch sound etc. The only thing that is not working correctly is my trackpad / point.


The Trackpad and the Trackpoint have got separate left and right klick. The Trackpad clicks never worked correctly.


I can use both the trackpoint and the trackpad by using Apple PS2 or VoodoPS2 (with ps2mouse plugin ... keyboard etc. ... ) But it is not exact and sometimes the mouse makes strage unexpected movements.


As I one read i memorized a plugin called ultranav. I downloaded the actual version and installed the 64 bit version to voodoPS2Controler. Together with VoodoKeyboard it works fine. THe only problem is, that I do not have left/right klick on Trackpad.


All in one I am happy and it works really great. The only real thing is, that the ultranav plugin gets unload after the PC returns from sleep. I have got full keyboard access but no trackpad / trackpoint. I was looking / googel etc. But I do not see an explanation or an working alternative.


Can someone maybe help me or tell me what to to?


For sleep I use SleepEnableler and some little DSDT bugfixes. Also I set pm Version to 108.




Btw. ... When that problem is fixed I want to write an detailed Guide how to install OS X to the ThinkPAd.

Also I am working on a non VoodoHDA Audio solution.

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