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Hi all


I have been playing around with the install of the Hackintosh with my system for some time now and i have gotten it to work fine and i of course have broken it several times. I use the tonymacx86 method which can be found here: http://tonymacx86.com


the method has truely made installing Snow Leopard and more recently Lion on my PC so much easier however there are still a few small issues that i seem to encounter. No matter what i try i just can seem to get all my G-SATA ports to work... out of the 4 ports only 2 pick up. this is similar to what happens when i first install windows however once i install the driver provided for windows it works fine.


now i know that obviously there is no supplied driver to make the G-SATA work but i would like to know if it is my DSDT file or if it is the drivers needed.


if anyone knows how to make this work your help in this regard is much appreciated.

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