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Bootcamp Win7 on External Drive - Will this plan work?


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Hey everyone,


I searched a bit through the forums, so I don't think anyone has touched in this. I've been reading up on bootcamping, and I'm considering bootcamping my MacbookPro. Now, I know Windows won't install onto an external drive, but the short version of my plan is to wipe my internal drive and bootcamp it, and then remove it, put it in an enclosure, and use it as the XP drive.


The long version is that my previous MBP died, but I pulled out the hard drive and have been running OSX off of an external on another MBP purchased around the same time (I stole it from my dad, as he no longer uses it). The internal drive has to be wiped anyway, so I thought this might be an easy workaround to the "can't-install-windows-on-an-external-drive" problem.


Will this work? Obviously, my OSX harddrive will be backed up before I do this, but I'd rather not waste hours on this just to find out its not possible.

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