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Building a video editing hackintosh


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I want to build a hackintosh to use for video editing, photo editing and web surfing. When I first decided to build a computer I got advice from someone who does it for a living. He wanted to sell me the parts and teach me how to do it. He recommend building an AMD machine. This doesn't work with mac so I decided to buy an Intel motherboard and CPU online because he doesn't sell Intel components. But I have decided to buy the case, PSU and hard drive from him still. I am still considering whether to get the RAM from him or the internet. As Video editing is the most demanding task on the computer I want hardware to be able to handle that. I will be installing Snow leopard as Lion costs £55 for me compared to £15 for Snow Leopard. I don't want to spend that much on mac incase it doesn't work plus I'm on a tight budget of £450 anyway. The hardware I have currently decided on are:


Processor: Intel I5 2500K


Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3


The hard drive is 550watt and the hard drive has a 500GB capacity and works at 7,200RPM. I'm not sure exactly which model and brand they are yet. I will be buying 8GB of RAM too.


The case and PSU cost about £60, the hard drive £72, RAM £30, Mac Snow Leopard CD £15, motherboard £100 and CPU £155. Which addes up to £432. I have also heard that snow leopard installer doesn't surport Intel HD 3000 graphics so I was wondering if this is true. If it is that means I will need to buy a graphics card. What would you recommend? Is all my other hardware OK? Do you think I have selected good hardware (I haven't built a computer before)?


EDIT: Sorry didn't realize this was the wrong forum I'll re-post it.

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