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I wanted to reset the view settings for all folders, so I followed the advice posted by someone on the Apple forum. I opened Terminal and entered:

rm -rf .DS_Store /

The process took a long time, my computer became unresponsive, and it eventually locked up. When I restarted, I just got a flashing "?". I used my emergency partition to boot up the computer and not only was my internal HD wiped (except for a few empty folders), but my entire 1TB external backup drive was empty too. My entire life was on there! :mad:


I understand that modern file systems have backup file allocation tables. Is it possible to recover what was there using those? I hear that some rescue apps are unable to retrieve the original filenames, but they should all still be there right? I'm keeping the affected partitions unmounted to preserve them. Which tool is the best for my situation? I know of FileSalvage, Data Rescue, and Disk Drill. Thanks.

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I use Data Rescue 2 and i can recover most times a lot of pictures, documents, music from defective or deleted hard drives.

Often, if there is a corrupted filesystem, i can restore the partition (and the data with filenames and folders) with Diskwarrior.



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