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OS X on Samsung 300U1A

cryptic unix

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my MSI Wind got me addicted to OS X and so I installed it on my Asus UL30A as well (here is my installation route: http://www.insanelym...0). But the Intel GMA4500 will probably never work correctly with OS X. Therefore I'm still looking for a new Notebook (sometimes the Wind is just not powerful enough) that is able to run OS X. Buying an original Apple is not an option as I want something not larger than 13.3" with a none glossy screen (this kills the Macbook Pro 13.3").


During my search I found the Samsung 300U1A (http://www.samsung.c...ubtype=series-3) which is a very nice 11.6" Notebook with a none glossy screen. This would offer everything I need in a Notebook as long as it is capable of running OS X. By having a look at the graphics chipset I figured out that it has an Intel HD 3000 graphics which is used in the newest Macbook Pro, too. So the graphics should't cause any trouble. By doing a little search on here I was able to find one tiny post about this Notebook where it is supposed to be working - well mostly (http://www.insanelym...1). Can anybody confirm this? I would be very pleased as well if anybody has a hint for the installation procedure as well. Having a starting point, that is known to work, is always pretty helpful.


Thanks for any hints.



Cryptic Unix

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