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Thinking about dumping Linux


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I'm falling in love all over again with MacOS. It was the first OS I ever used, when I was in grade school, I was addicted, admittingly so bad that I pee'd my pants once because I did not want to get off it. But eventually everything was switching over to Winblows. I had a PC and still do, but switched over to Linux a couple years ago, and Linux is great, however I don't like Linux's software base - it just doesn't keep up with what Mac / Windows has to offer. Now I have Snow Leopard, and all my favorite apps, it's so fast and sexy - there's no question to me that my favorite OS is now Mac. I don't know if I'll ever leave. I just hope I don't {censored} myself again LMAO.

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It was a long time ago when Linux was my main OS.


Nowadays there are at least 2 reasons why I use Linux only as a hobby OS:


1)I use OS X full time. The combination of a MacBook Pro and Lion can't be beaten.

2)I strongly dislike KDE 4 and Gnome 3. I know I am not the only one, by far. They are now trying to fork both.

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