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Graphics messy if not in safe mode...

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I have been trying to get OSX to work on my Toshiba and I find it hard to back down from this challenge with limited resources - DVD burner is broken, and I only have a 4gb USB stick.


I acquired a VMware image after trying several different ones to finally get one that worked, which is version 10.4.7, converted it to raw with qemu-img and DD'd it to the partiton.


So when I booted it, it was very fast to get to the GUI but 70% of the screen is black and most text is missing and everything appears like blue squares. I was able to get around this by getting into safe mode.


I have a intel 945, but Mac OS identifies it as a Intel GMA 950. I tried removing the GMA 950 kext and deleted the kext cache and repaired the permissions, then I rebooted but it still had the same issue, so I am not sure which kext is causing this, or why in safemode it works. Can anyone help me? :)

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Hi, thanks for the reply,

I fixed it with a patch called GMA900-Fix by Diabolik or something, forgot the exact name. Then I also had to remove all of the GMA950 kexts and leave the Intel915 kext there. Interesting what different combinations work for different people!

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