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Is it Possible to get Three Displays on a Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 6850?


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Hey guys!


I have a hackintosh system with a Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 6850 GPU. I currently have it running two displays; one DisplayPort (to HDMI) and one DVI (to DVI). I'm looking into a three display setup, but I don't know if it's possible with this card.


In my org.chameleon.boot.plist, I have GraphicsEnabler=Yes, and am loading the "Duckweed" framebuffer. As it is, the bottom DVI and the HDMI won't work at all. However, if I boot using the "Bulrushes" framebuffer, the top DVI and the HDMI work, while the bottom DVI and DP don't. However, my DP to HDMI cable isn't an active adapter, which I know is required to use Eyefinity with 3 displays.


My question is, does anyone know if I can have three displays running at once with this card, while keeping GE=Yes and having all my apps work? I don't want to drop $30 for an active DP to HDMI/DVI adapter if I'm not certain that it will even work. I know people have gotten this working with the PowerColor version of the 6850, but I haven't found anything about the Gigabyte version.


Does anyone know anything about this?


Thanks everyone!

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