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Sony CS21Z Notebook - iAtkos L2 - internal screen not recognized - external works


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I just installed iAtkos L2 (OSX 10.7.2) on my Sony CS21Z Notebook. It works good except the Wifi (ok, Intel Wifi, no chance so far) and the internal notebook screen. It is not recognized by the operating system. The system profiler shows only the external screen.

If I disconnect the external screen, the internal screen just goes blank after the gray initial boot phase with the apple and the turning wheel.

If the external screen is connected, the gray boot phase is displayed on the internal screen and after this the screen goes blank and the external screen switches on with the OSX desktop.

I am not able to boot in single or safe (-x) mode. It hangs after the line "PCI configuration begin".


The specs of the notebook:


Sony Vaio CS21Z/Q

Intel PM45 Express chipset


Geforce 9300M GS graphic card with 256 MB RAM


Any ideas how to make the internal screen work?





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