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HD4330, SL 10.6.7 - All graphic kexts needed!


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Hey guys,

I got Dell Inspiron 1545 with ATI Radeon HD4330 card (not sure about memory size). It has

0x9552 ID. The OS is SL 10.6.7 running in the 64 bit mode.


I've tried a lot of kexts to make my graphic card support QE/CI. But I found out it's not so easy, at least in my case.

So eventually I mixed together kexts from different systems with different patches.

And now I can't follow guides from bcc9 or mucha, because I got an error "blabla some functions already defined somewhere, can not load kexts". I think I got a complicated incompatibility between all of those kexts. So now I can't work with this pile.


So I'm asking you who has the same laptop to upload somewhere all graphic card kexts (I guess they start from ATI* or Radeon*) from your system. Please! =)


Thanks a lot!

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