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help me please


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I try several times to install but I can’t install because after the installation the screen looks that ay I post here the images of the screen and hardware please someone help me


Paulo Costa




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At the Chameleon's GUI type -v -x


i only have sucess with the safe boot because my grafic card is a ati radeon mobility hd 2600 xt can tou help me please.


i find this:

Update Device Information


The system won't let you directly change the Device ID, or delete this device (this is just a safety measure). You can, however, request that the device be deleted. To do this, put 'delete' in the Notes, and explain why you think it should be deleted.

Vendor ID 0x1002

Device ID 0x94C8

Chip Number M72


The Iago framebuffer is designed for iMacs with RV610 GPUs with an internal display using LVDS signal. It’s then impossible to use a DVI or VGA display on the primary output. However the secondary output supports DVI + VGA, since the iMac have an external output that supports this kind of displays.

Each framebuffer has a different shark codename


To choose your framebuffer, you have to modify a key inside your injecter :










can you tel me with program i need to edit the Kext and i'm not sound and wireless please help me

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