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iTunes 6.0.5 CD Import Lockup


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This is my first post, so please forgive me if this question has been asked, I was unable to find it when searching the forum.


My Problem:


I'm running 10.4.7 JaS on my Dell Inspiron 8600, I had to "coax" OSX to recognize that the crappy GCA-4040N drive that Dell slapped in to burn DVD+R. But regardless of what firmware I run on it, I can copy files just fine, watch XviD's off it without issue, I can even Burn DVD+R's in Toast reliably. As far as I can tell, almost every aspect of the drive works except for one; as soon as I try to play a song from a CD in iTunes 6.0.5 (20) or import to AAC from the drive. It goes for about 8 seconds, then iTunes completely hangs, unless I cancel the import or pause the song, then it regains functionality after about 10-30 seconds.


Just curious if anyone has any idea how to bypass this.




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