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HELP - Notebook Compaq CQ43-112BR with Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2?


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Hi Guys! My name is Gustavo, My girlfriend ask me a few days later about notebooks and i told her one model that would run fine for what she wants (text processing, powerpoint animations ans {censored} like that).


So she buyed a HP Compaq CQ43-112 Notebook online and after that she told me that she want to put MAC OS X as the operation system (that idiot girl couln't tell-me before... {censored}...):


So now i'm like cray looking for some way to install iatksos L2 or retail MAC OS Lion BEFORE the notebook be delivered, so i don't have to lisent to her pittying about it...



So... Anyone here has sucessfully instal Mac OS X on Compaq CQ43-122 model?


the infos i know are:

Pentium P6200

2gb ram

Chipset could be or GM45 or HM55 or HM65 ( the manual service that i found don't say exacly)

video is Intel HD Graphics



more info can be found at: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c02950273.pdf


please please someone can help me?

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Well... nobodyhas nothing to say or no opinion in this matter. But Here it go...


The HP Compaq CQ43-112 just arrive and i'm trying to make iatkos L2 work ok. i don't use any install tag and all the install run ok. After restart the computer, the loading apple screen stays forever.


So i use the verbose (-v) mode and the computer stop to show the infos after voodoobattery start, now i'm installing again with no patch for battery to see what happens...


I will post more news during the day...


PS:I'm also downloading iatks sl3 v2... maybe this will work better than Lion...

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