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How do I load VooDooPS2Controller from Extensions.mkext?


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I'm attempting to install Lion from a USB flash drive using MaLd0n's guide here:



At the moment I'm seeing the following errors are dumped repeatedly on the terminal:

ApplePS2Keyboard: Unexpected acknowledge from PS/2 controller.

ApplePS2Controller: Timed out on mouse input stream.


Note that I'm using a PS/2 keyboard and a USB mouse. I need to use this configuration because the Gigabyte board seems to have a problem handling both a USB keyboard and USB flash drive similtaneously.


The following thread is by a user that is having the same problem:


and the response is to install VooDooPS2Controller from here:



The instructions on that page say

Loadable from /Extra/Extensions.mkext

I can find this folder on the USB drive but I don't understand what to do with the .pkg file to make it loadable from the mkext. Can anyone explain to me what to do?

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I think that I've sorted this out.

I downloaded unpkg and dropped the .pkg file into its window. The contents was duly delivered in a directory alongside the .pkg.

I then drilled to voodoops2controller/VoodooPS2Controller.kext and copied this to the folder Extra/Extensions on the flash drive.


Could someone confirm if the following is correct?

I opened Extra/org.Chameleon.Boot.plist and modified it to read like so:


<key>Kernel Flags</key>

<string>-f -v npci=0x2000</string>

As I understand it this will pass these flags to the bootloader. The -f flag will cause Extensions.mkext to be rebuilt at boot time, thus incorporating the contents of Extra/Extensions.

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