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Detect keyboard but do not go, months after installation.


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Hello, here my problem. I've been using Iaktos l1, without any practical problems since it came out, but nowsuddenly restart and when it leaves the screen to set the password to login, I get flickering like to write, but much togive some letter does not work.


I have no idea why that is, much less how to fix it. The only two programs that were installed for use as a webcamiphone4 (I doubt that has anything to do) and paralels estubo updating some other things in the windows he hadinstalled.


The lion did not start in "-x", only normal, and when I get the welcome screen I can not do anything because I can not write the password, and I think the icons are not going down when you click the mouse (the mouse moves, andthe icons below and do not react because I've never pressed).


I have dual boot with windows if from there you could do something. Have if you help, I do not want to reinstallbecause I have many things in and some very important.


I feel my English I am Spanish. Thanks.


PD: My keyboard is PS2 and my mouse is USB.

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