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[Help] "Still waiting for boot device" after motherboard change


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Well yesterday I changed my motherboard from a EP45-DS3LR (with Mac Bios) apparently faulty to a P5Q-E.


Before that I changed the Extra folder with a dsdt took from a user of this forum and the kexts he was using.


I made this change (knowing it would have been worse compatibility talking) cause I bought an Agility 3 (which still has to be delivered to me btw) and I wanted to buy a Sata 3 card to fully use it (Asmedia 1016 chipset). And for that I needed a PCI Express 2.0 bus (5gbps of the 6 which sata 3 has) and not an 1.0 which would have had 2.5gbps, even less than Sata 2...


Anyway I set the HDD in ACHI mode in the BIOS and on boot they are recognized and everything... but I constantly get the error in the title.

I tired disabling ACHI, using rd=disk (even if I put a random number for the disk number cause I didn't have an idea which to use xD), safe mode and everything without any success.


I even made a new installation of Chameleon on a USB flash drive trying to delete the dsdt, change Kexts and stuff like that, but it didn't work not even like that.


What do you suggest me?


PS. Posted also in the italian forum in italian

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