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I have a Desktop with ASUS Striker NSE II, 4GB Ram DDR3 Crossair, 8800 GT 1GB and a LGA 775 Q6600 CPU.


Last week my Mobo stop working or something, and I return it to get a new one cause of warranty.They asked me which model do I want cause they don't have the same mobo in stock (good for me icon_e_wink_anim.gif )


From my experience on Mac I can't go back to Windows. What is the best choice of Mobo to run Lion or Snow on my PC? GIGABYTE rocks on MAC, and there are only a few of ASUS mobos that support Mac 100% but cause of my CPU i can't get them.


Any suggestions on Models? The salesman told me to Right down a few models and give them to him to check and let me know which one is on stock. The last Mobo was 300 Euro, so price is not a problem, but extra money for a new i7 CPU is! icon_mrgreen.gif

Thank you!

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