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Asus L2B Non Dual Boot (tiger-x86-flat.img)


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Processor - Intel Mobile Pentium 4 Processor, 512K On-Die L2 Cache,

Chipset - Intel 845MP

RAM - 2 x SODIMM 512 MB

Display - 14.1" active matrix color TFT with the maximum resolution of XGA of 1024x768

Video system - ATI M7-CSP16 (a.k.a. ATI M7D), 16MB local memory

ATAPI DVD 8XI/O ports:


Greeting Dudes,

After reading the topics here, I finally get it works. Here is what I did:-



1. tiger-x86-flat.img file.

2. Maxxuss-SSE2-and-AntiTPM-Patches-v0.5c.iso (burn a CD and place it on your laptop during first boot)

3. An additional harddisk ( I got one though!)

4. An Harddisk 3.5" USB 2.0 Enclosure, I got this from a computer mall at $8

5. DD for Win32

6. An desktop computer with WinXP.


The Procedures:

1. Connect your extra harddisk to your desktop.


2. put the Maxxuss-SSE2-and-AntiTPM-Patches-v0.5c.iso and DD on the same folder, go the command prompt, change to the DD directory and use the below command:

dd bs=1048576 if=./tiger-x86-flat.img \\?\Device\Harddisk4\Partition0

* the number "4" can be any number depends on your computer.


3. Unplug the harddisk enclosure and plug the harddisk back to your laptop.


4. turn on the power, hit any key and at the command prompt type:

"platform=X86PC" and enter

This way, I can aviod the "display: specific matching fails" error


5. I do not require go though the logon screen of DeadMoo's BUT enter direct to the Mac OSX86 desktop.


6. Locate and delete the file "AppleACPIPlatform.kext " which is suppose to be at



7. Make sure the MAXXUSS0.5c CD Rom is on your laptop

- Run Terminal.app

- Use "cd" command to get into the CD, e.g. "cd /Volumes/MAXXUSS0.5c/"

- Type sudo ./install.sh and enter

- During the installation process, it will ask you to choose between 2 or 3, I don't remember what was

that But I choose "2"

- Follow the rest instructions.


you may or may not ask for password, which I forgot, however, if it do, then, type "bovinity" and enter


8. reboot!


Since what I did above do not require to go through the logon screen, therefore, I did not change the password. and more importantly, almost everything works include the quicktime and iTune. I also get an firefox from internet for for surfing, which all bookmarks are imported from PC to OSX without problem.

The imail is good too! I think I will not switch to other program for this, later on, I will see if Office for OSX is working or not.


The only thing I still cannot get it done is that my wireless lan PCMCIA card which is a netgear MA401. Airport 2.0 driver is not working for me anyway and crash my OSX86, I have redo the above process for more than 4 times because of this, If anyone of you have idea for a way to get it work, please drop me a note.



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