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cpu responding late.


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I'm on 10.7.2. No custom dsdt installed.


I use Chrome as my browser, and i like to use the extension called smoothscroll. But unfortunately it's mostly laggy on mac os x. The thing is; when i start scrolling on a page it's very laggy and it keeps sluttering. But i just discovered that if i keep scrolling a bit more, it gets very smooth like it's supposed to be. Like 20 seconds after i stop scrolling, and then i scroll, it's laggy again.


So i figured there must be something with the cpu. I started playing couple 1080p videos and got the cpu to around %30-%40 load. While under that load, the scrolling was just perfect, no lagging at all.


I'm not sure if this is the browser's extension's problem, or if it's Lion related; but sure i know i need a little help icon_e_smile.gif


Speedstep and the C state thing are disabled on the bios.


My system specs are:

Asus p7p55d

intel i5 750 @3.2 OCed

8 gigs of ram

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