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Kernel Panic when booting Lion on P8P67 Pro (SOLVED)


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I followed Andy's method to install Lion on one of my drives. Everything worked out fine until I started to install apps and copy my files to the new drive. The problem started as a random kernel panic when booting into Lion from Chameleon. A simple restart (sometimes twice) would "fix" the problem and I would boot into Lion. However, a couple of days ago this problem stopped being random and became constant, and restarting would not fix anything. I get this kernen panic (which I have no idea what is means) each time I try to boot into Lion:




I have two separate drives on my machine, one with SL and one with Lion. I can boot into SL with no problem whatsoever. It's only the Lion drive that's causing my problem. There are currently two ways I can boot into Lion:


1.- Booting into SL, running Andy's P8P67 Pro Install Package and installing to Lion drive, rebooting into Lion.

2.- Booting into Single User mode from Chameleon.


In both cases, the problem comes up again after a shut down or restart.


Just for the sake of it, here are my boot.plist for both SL and Lion:


BBj3Q.jpg VS. LION pnH5b.jpg



If any of you guys have any thoughts or suggestions, please share. If you need more info on my part, just ask. Thank you in advance.

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UPDATE: I did a test and changed GraphicsEnabler to No on my Lion boot.plist, and I was able to boot with no problem. Could this mean that the problem might be with the ATI kexts or any other graphics drivers or kexts?

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UPDATE 2: Everything points to a problem with GraphicsEnabler=Yes. If GE=Yes, then I get kernel panic. If GE=No, I can boot ok.


2 weird things have happened: After reading lots of other threads, I decided to test a few boot flags on Chameleon:


1.- GE=Yes, AtiConfig=Hydrilla

RESULT --> One-time lucky boot. I got DVD Player working and graphics card was showing correctly. Changed boot.plist with these settings, but after a reboot, I got the same kernel panic. Kept trying with different framebuffers, but nothing worked.


2.- PCIRootUID=0, GE=Yes, AC= Duckweed

RESULT --> Another one-time lucky boot. DVD Player was working and graphics card was recognized correctly. Changed boot.plist with these settings, but got same KP after I restarted.



Please, if anyone have any suggestions, let me know. This situation is becoming very frustrating.

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