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Hackintosh Crashes While Under Heavy Load


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Hello Everyone :)

I have had a perfectly working hackintosh thanks to you guys but for some reason a problem showed up about 2 weeks ago that has got me stumped

I might be video editing, playing a mac game (sims 3) or just on Skype with a logitech webcam (the webcams bad drivers use a hell of a lot of resources -.-)

Then all of a sudden the computer kernel panics... When i do anything like this on windows the system is 100% stable but i can't move back to windows, i like OSX to much haha :(


Here are my specs and i hope someone can help:

i7 920 @ 4.2ghz

6gb ddr3 ram

Nvidia GTX280 (Quartz and that stuff work)

Asus P6TD Deluxe (DSDT works)

2x 1TB Sata Hdds

1x 500gb Backup Drive


Thanks to anyone that can help :)

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To me it would seem that you might have some faulty hardware. Beings that its only under a load I would take a guess at either the ram or maybe you have your CPU clocked too high or too hot. What kind of cooling are you using? I would suggest first trying the CPU back to the default speeds testing it out to see if the problem happens again, then testing ram

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