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10.6.8 update causing mouse issues


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I have installed 10.6.3 from iATKOS S3 v2 and everything has been working perfectly fine apart from the wireless card - which is an intel one.


I've just updated the the OS to 10.6.8 and now the mouse scrolling is not smooth at all, it responses after a while and halts all the time.


Anything I could do to improve it?


I also tried installing Lion 10.7.2 and have similar results hence went back to 10.6.3


Any help would be really appreciated as I cant seem to do any work at all.




My notebook is Inspiron 9400


Dual Core 2

2GHz Ram

nVidia Graphics 7800GS

Broadcom ethernet


Is it possible to install Kext from 10.6.3 and have smooth scrolling like it?

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