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Post iAtkos L2 issues


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Installed fine ... still some problems.


First a few questions.

1. How to boot without login preventing the system from opening apps that crashed?

For instance Safari is opened and crashed, and I got a Kernel Panic Downloading Xcode 4!

So, I need a clean boot, without any opened apps, I used to have login with pass, and it gave me an option to boot without opened apps, but I removed that and login directly so I don't know how to prevent the apps from opening without logging in.


2. Goto the terminal on boot to delete offending kexts, how?

for instance ElliotRTClegacy and Elliot32bit give me a kernel panic on boot ... is it ok to not use any of them?


3. Write the cache on boot. It doesn't allow me to do it.

I don't know the command to do that ...


4. Couldn't find how to CD to the partition where Mac OS is?

I tried /dev/disk.... but can't remember if that's only a link or the real boot disk


5. Mds kernel panic is what I get everytime I use Safari or other browsers ...

Couldn't find info about why that happens ...


6. I tried with a custom DSDT for my motherboard and now a driver package installation v 1.3 meant for 10.6.6 but reported to work with 10.7


i7 950 3.28 Ghz

Intel Extreme DX58SO motherboard

6Gb(3x2) Kingston Hyper 1600 DDR3 Tri-Channel RAM

XFX Radeon HD6870 1Gb DDR5


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